Probably Best Off Avoiding These Situations

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Being caught off guard committing motor vehicle crimes can be very frustrating especially if you are not aware that what you were doing was a motor vehicle crime. Here are several kinds of motor vehicle crimes: • Owning a fictions number plate or identification number. No one is supposed to operate a motor vehicle on public roads and highways if his/her car’s license plates are fictions, unlawfully made or were previously owned by another person. • Driving under the influence of any controlled drug. This include alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine etc. • Stopping after an accident. A driver should stop after being involved in an accident with another vehicle or person. He shall take the responsibility of asking the driver’s name and address. If found violating this rule can be awarded a misdemeanor of the first degree. • Driving beyond the road’s speed limit. • Removing a car’s ignition key of an unlocked vehicle parked on a street. • Driving a manufacturer vehicle without it carrying and displaying two placards. • Having a counterfeit, non-functional, damaged airbag in your vehicle. • Operating a vehicle with a nonfunctional odometer. • Removing and destroying any vehicle part to conceal the identity of ... {Read More}

Motor Vehicle Crimes

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Motor vehicle crimes are now so often it has become a natural part of the society. Every day someones car gets stolen, gets hit, and properties wind up being damaged. Most damage occurs due to reckless driving or driving under the influence of alcohol. Traffic violations can also be a factor behind these crimes, but most likely, these violations can be apprehended by traffic enforcers. Nonetheless the acts of violating traffic rules and regulations are still often ignored. Thus, lives and properties are ruined. But what goes on within the circle of people involved in the case? What goes on when a motor vehicle crime happened? First off, here are the most common crimes that revolve around cars as well as the charges that go with it: ·   Hit and run – This happens when a motorist hits another car or a person leading to injury without facing the consequences of the crime. This would mean they ran away while the scene was still hot. When the driver at fault has been apprehended, the penalties they would receive would range from a traffic ticket, paying for the medical needs of the person injured, suspension of license to jail time. If ... {Read More}

The Most Common Mistakes With Auto Insurance Quotes

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Auto insurance quotes – the most common mistakes Now that you know that comparison shopping is the main way to get competitive auto insurance deals the main aim is to compare auto insurance quotes right. And although it may look as a very simple task, many people still manage to make a lot of mistakes during this process and end up with inadequate policies even after shopping around. If you don’t want to end up with a bad policy after spending your time comparing auto insurance quotes you should learn about some of the most common mistakes drivers make when shopping around for insurance: Changing data each time when quoting One of the most widespread mistakes people do when comparing auto insurance quotes is that they change the data they provide with every quote they get. This is typical for those who are new to the concept of auto insurance however some experienced drivers tend to make this mistake as well. When you’re doing so the quote you get as a result can’t be compared to the previous one because it doesn’t reflect the exact difference in rates. You see, each company uses different methods for calculating their quote with ... {Read More}

Choosing the Right Policy

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When getting auto insurance quotes for your car it really matters what type of auto insurance policy you’re looking forward to buy. This is due to the fact that different policy types have different contents and usually carry rates that differ significantly as well. So in order to find a policy that would be suitable for you in terms of price and coverage included you must know about the basic insurance policy types available on the market. Here are the basic types of policies you can get auto insurance quotes for: Third party Third party liability auto insurance is the basic vehicle insurance you can purchase for your vehicle. It includes only the third party liability coverage, which is the only coverage type required by law. Such policies apply only in case of being at fault in the accident involving another car, property or pedestrian. Because it’s stripped off from all other coverage options the auto insurance quotes you’ll get for this kind of policy will be the lowest you can find. However because there aren’t as many options included this policy type will appeal only to those who have little market value to their cars. Third party, fire and ... {Read More}