Anyone Ever Wonder Whether It Is Legal To Wear Headphones While Driving?

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As you may know, many of us wear headphones to listen to music when we are driving – me included. Unless you drive a brand new car, the sound system may be crappy compared to what you’d get with your headphones. What many people may not know though, is that in many states, it is actually illegal to do so. So, where is it illegal to wear headphones or ear buds?


Alaska, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington


If you don’t live in any of these states, you’re good to go, but if you do, you’re actually breaking the law and subject to penalties if the police happen to catch you. Other states may allow the use of headphones in certain circumstances only, such as with Bluetooth headsets, or if the headphones are built into a motorcycle helmet. To be honest, it is not very surprising to me that many states have completely banned the use of headphones.


If you have a big pair bulky, noise-cancelling headphones, with a cord floppin’ around while you drive, it probably can be very distracting. Also, you must be able to hear emergency vehicles’ sirens. I’ve tried some headsets that had “active noise cancellation technology” and let me tell you, they do exactly what it implies. There is no way you would be able to hear sirens in case of an emergency. Also, if you are using a cheap pair of headphones with a cable that is constantly getting tangled and snagged, that is another problem entirely. How can you safely drive if A you can’t hear what is going on around you, and B your crappy cable is getting snagged on your steering wheel or shifter every thirty seconds. Either you have to get some wireless Bluetooth headphones, or make sure you buy some good quality ear buds with a tangle-free cable.


For many of us, it is much cheaper to just buy a good pair of earphones than to spend a huge amount of cash in buying a decent sound system for our car. For less than two-hundred dollars, you can buy some very high quality headphones. A decent sound system can be anywhere from eight-hundred ranging into the thousands of dollars. Even though it may be frowned upon in certain states, sometimes it is just more economical to buy a good pair of headphones or ear buds, that are not active noise cancelling, and are advertised as a tangle free cable. I just stumbled across an article which actually reviews the exact pair of headphones I use while driving, the RHA T10i in-ear headphones. They’re actually more like ear buds than headphones; they don’t wrap around your head or ears. I’ve had these for quite some time now. They cost me around two-hundred dollars and they’re great. No tangling, no bulk, and I can hear just enough noise around me so I can safely drive. Also, for those of you living in states where headphones and driving are a big no no, the T10i’s are small enough where it is highly unlikely law enforcement would give you a problem. Just be responsible, don’t blast your music, and pay attention to the road and you should be fine.

Probably Best Off Avoiding These Situations

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Being caught off guard committing motor vehicle crimes can be very frustrating especially if you are not aware that what you were doing was a motor vehicle crime. Here are several kinds of motor vehicle crimes:
• Owning a fictions number plate or identification number.
No one is supposed to operate a motor vehicle on public roads and highways if his/her car’s license plates are fictions, unlawfully made or were previously owned by another person.
• Driving under the influence of any controlled drug. This include alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine etc.
• Stopping after an accident.
A driver should stop after being involved in an accident with another vehicle or person. He shall take the responsibility of asking the driver’s name and address. If found violating this rule can be awarded a misdemeanor of the first degree.
• Driving beyond the road’s speed limit.
• Removing a car’s ignition key of an unlocked vehicle parked on a street.
• Driving a manufacturer vehicle without it carrying and displaying two placards.
• Having a counterfeit, non-functional, damaged airbag in your vehicle.
• Operating a vehicle with a nonfunctional odometer.
• Removing and destroying any vehicle part to conceal the identity of a vehicle or vehicle part.
• Carjacking.
• Driving a car that has not gone through state’s inspection requirements.


There are penalties for motor vehicle crimes. They include;

• If you are found in violation of driving using a suspended license, you will be required to go to court a criminal court for your hearing. You could be given jail time and have convictions on your criminal record as a penalty. If it is your first offence, it is possible to resolve the issue without having your criminal record tarnished. Hence, it’s very important for one to find a very experienced lawyer in such matters to represent you.

• In case of speeding, one can be given a speeding ticket.

• If you are charged with negligent operation, you can have your license suspended for at least 60 days and it can be put down on your criminal record that is checked by employers.

• In case you are involved in an accident and flee the scene without exchanging information with the other driver, you will be charged.

• In the case of death in a car accident, there will be an investigation carried out by the authorities. In most cases they will charge the driver with motor vehicle homicide if there is a belief of negligence on the part of the driver. It is wise to get a great lawyer to foresee each step of the investigation in case you are in such a situation.

• In case you were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you are given a one year license suspension if it’s a first conviction and you a twenty one years and above.

Being involved in a motor vehicle crime can be very stressful. Questions like; who is on the wrong? Who will pay the medical bills? Who will pay the damages? If am on the wrong what conviction will I receive? Linger in your mind. That’s where criminal defense attorneys come into play.
He will:
• Advice you on any time limits or statutes of limitations.
• File a lawsuit on your behalf.
• Carry out your defense in court and argue out in your best interests.
• He will be your advocate.

I hope this article will help if you are caught-up in any motor vehicle crime scenarios. Drive safe!

Motor Vehicle Crimes

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Motor vehicle crimes are now so often it has become a natural part of the society. Every day someones car gets stolen, gets hit, and properties wind up being damaged. Most damage occurs due to reckless driving or driving under the influence of alcohol. Traffic violations can also be a factor behind these crimes, but most likely, these violations can be apprehended by traffic enforcers. Nonetheless the acts of violating traffic rules and regulations are still often ignored. Thus, lives and properties are ruined. But what goes on within the circle of people involved in the case? What goes on when a motor vehicle crime happened?

First off, here are the most common crimes that revolve around cars as well as the charges that go with it:

·   Hit and run – This happens when a motorist hits another car or a person leading to injury without facing the consequences of the crime. This would mean they ran away while the scene was still hot. When the driver at fault has been apprehended, the penalties they would receive would range from a traffic ticket, paying for the medical needs of the person injured, suspension of license to jail time. If there is serious injury or even death, they can be charged with felony.

·    Reckless Driving – This is very usual these days. It happens when a driver breaks the rules of speed limits and endangers himself and his passengers along with other motorists on the road. The charges would usually be a traffic ticket or even a night in jail when they happen to be under the influence of alcohol. If reckless driving has resulted to injury or damage to property, they can be charged for it and have their licensed suspended.

·    Vehicle Manslaughter – This is the charge when a reckless driver kills another person. Depending on the circumstances, this could be a felony or just a misdemeanor. Nonetheless, contacting a lawyer once charged with vehicle manslaughter is probably important.

Getting the traffic tickets or even having a suspended license may not be tough penalties and usually can be brought back to normal with just time. However whenever charged with something much bigger, the importance of finding an attorney at law would be important.

Legal charges would need legal processes and commonly would undergo hearings at court. Attorneys at law would be able to share their expertise on the law with their clients. They are able to defend and protect the right of the people charged with the case. Or perhaps, they can help with the right of the people who were the victims of such cases and aren’t able to get justice. They have wide knowledge on the law and they can use that knowledge in court.

Even when there aren’t criminal charges against the other party, lawyers are able to help in settling down the case. They can state which legal actions can be done without having to charge the other party. Usually this would be in the form of financial assistance to the victims especially with their medical requirements. Lawyers would be needed to accredit any agreement with the two parties.

The Most Common Mistakes With Auto Insurance Quotes

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Auto insurance quotes – the most common mistakes

Now that you know that comparison shopping is the main way to get competitive auto insurance deals the main aim is to compare auto insurance quotes right. And although it may look as a very simple task, many people still manage to make a lot of mistakes during this process and end up with inadequate policies even after shopping around. If you don’t want to end up with a bad policy after spending your time comparing auto insurance quotes you should learn about some of the most common mistakes drivers make when shopping around for insurance:

Changing data each time when quoting

One of the most widespread mistakes people do when comparing auto insurance quotes is that they change the data they provide with every quote they get. This is typical for those who are new to the concept of auto insurance however some experienced drivers tend to make this mistake as well. When you’re doing so the quote you get as a result can’t be compared to the previous one because it doesn’t reflect the exact difference in rates. You see, each company uses different methods for calculating their quote with every factor having a different weight in the calculation. So it could be that one provider pays more attention to your driving experience whereas another one will set their quote depending more on your credit score. The whole purpose of comparing auto insurance quotes is using this difference in calculation methods in order to get an advantage. And by changing your data each time you get a quote it will be impossible to understand which provider really has the most competitive offer. So make sure to keep the data fixed when getting every quote.

Quoting with companies that aren’t licensed in your state

Another very common mistake is when drivers get auto insurance quotes from companies that don’t operate in their area. Even the biggest insurance companies don’t have full presence all over the country and tend to work in just a particular part of the country. Not to mention the smaller ones. However, you can easily get auto insurance quotes from just any company when doing it online like most people do these days. Now, there’s nothing bad about getting auto insurance quotes from such companies but it will be just a waste of your time and will give you false hopes in case such a company will get you a better quote. You won’t be able to buy this policy in any case.


Choosing the Right Policy

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When getting auto insurance quotes for your car it really matters what type of auto insurance policy you’re looking forward to buy. This is due to the fact that different policy types have different contents and usually carry rates that differ significantly as well. So in order to find a policy that would be suitable for you in terms of price and coverage included you must know about the basic insurance policy types available on the market. Here are the basic types of policies you can get auto insurance quotes for:

Third party

Third party liability auto insurance is the basic vehicle insurance you can purchase for your vehicle. It includes only the third party liability coverage, which is the only coverage type required by law. Such policies apply only in case of being at fault in the accident involving another car, property or pedestrian. Because it’s stripped off from all other coverage options the auto insurance quotes you’ll get for this kind of policy will be the lowest you can find. However because there aren’t as many options included this policy type will appeal only to those who have little market value to their cars.

Third party, fire and theft

Third party, fire and theft policies feature more options if compared to third party policies. Besides the mandatory third party liability coverage there is also comprehensive coverage against theft and non-collision damage such as fire. These policies will get you higher auto insurance quotes but can still be rather competitive. Third party, fire and theft will suit car owners with newer vehicles who have already paid off their loans or still have significant market value to their cars.

Fully comprehensive

Fully comprehensive policies are the most expensive you will find on the market. And by a strange twist of fate they are also the most widespread in the country. Fully comprehensive policies are also called “full coverage” and include the majority of insurance coverage options one can include to their policy. You don’t have to provide proof of fault in order to get covered and the list of situations when the policy applies goes well beyond the typical car collision. Fully comprehensive policies are very widespread because they are required by lending institutions in order to receive a car loan. And knowing how many drivers use loans when buying a new car it’s not a big surprise to see so many people getting auto insurance quotes namely for this policy type.


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